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5 Week CCNA

Course Locations
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    You will receive access to our very own
    Pre-Course Library. The library contains plenty of material to give you a head start before you get in class. You will also receive some preview chapters from your free study guide, available to read in PDF format.

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CCNA Courses:

FREE Course Manuals (250+ pages)

FREE Router/Switch Config Guide

FREE Lab guide (Config walkthrough)

FREE Network Simulator

FREE Exam Questions

FREE Retraining

Laptop provided for the duration of the course. Come as you are!


CCNA Cisco Training


Our 5 Week course covers ALL of the CCNA curriculum. We start with the basics like the OSI model and basic device configuration. Week by week, we gradually pick up the pace, as we progress in to more detailed configurations and lab layouts. By the end of the 5 Weeks you should be fluently configuring your devices whilst fully understanding their behaviour. Spend 5 Sundays or Fridays with us and we're sure you'll leave fully enlightened and totally confident about sitting your exam.

What's included in our fee?

Enroll on any of our 5 Day or 5 Week courses and you will receive:
Classroom Teacher Training Real Lab Practice 900+ Pages of Quality Reading No Rush to Finish - Take Your Time! See if You're Ready for the Exam Watch the Curriculum at Home from Another Angle
In-House Training
Hands-On Exercises
Free Study Guide
Extra Time
Test Exams
Free Training Videos

Course Layout

Classes run on Sundays and sometimes Saturdays (Check the course schedule before you book) and begin at 9. The day usually runs through to about 5:30, but there's never any rush to end the day. We finish when we finish. Each subject will open with a presentation and will conclude with a lab exercise (wherever applicable).

Module 1: What is a Network?
Module 2: Connecting to the Internet through an ISP
Module 3: The TCP/IP & OSI Models
Module 4: IP Addressing (Part 1)
Module 5: Configuring & Testing your Network
Module 6: Cabling LANs & WANs
Module 7: Ethernet Fundamentals (Part 1)
Module 8: IP Addressing (Part 2)
Module 9: CDP
Module 11 Static Routes:
Module 12: Dynamic Routing Protocols Overview
Module 13: Distance Vector Routing Protocols
Module 14: RIP
Module 15: EIGRP
Module 16: Link State Routing Protocols
Module 17: OSPF
Module 18: Ethernet Fundamentals (Part 2)
Module 19: VLANs
Module 20: VLAN Trunking
Module 21: STP & RSTP
Module 22: NAT & PAT
Module 23: Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Module 24: Frame Relay
Module 25: PPP
Module 26: IPv6
Module 27: Basic Security
Module 28: Wireless Technologies & WLANs

You will each receive a printed copy of all our slides so you can make additional notes if needed. Also you will receive 2 tailor-made router and switch configuration guides which will walk you through each lab, step-by-step.

Your Lab

CCNA Course Training

IT Net Academy will provide you with the best hands-on lab in the UK. We're not in a competition to see who has the most devices, but what we hope to do is provide you with the most practical lab possible. That's why your lab will have 3 routers, 2 switches, a frame-relay switch and a wireless router. With our setup, you can get a better idea of how networks behave. You'll have your very own lab to practice on and there's even room for expansion! So if our already adequate lab is boring you, just ask for another router! We'll provide you with your own laptop for the duration of the course so all you need to bring to the venue is yourself!

Course Venues

The 5 Week CCNA course will be held regularly throughout the year in Birmingham.

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