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Virtual Classroom CCNA

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Once you book with us...
    You will receive access to our very own
    Pre-Course Library. The library contains plenty of material to give you a head start before you begin. You will also receive a link to your free study guide, available to read in PDF format.

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CCNA Cisco Course Training


Our Virtual course covers ALL of the CCNA curriculum. We start with the basics like the OSI model and basic device configuration. Step by step, we gradually pick up the pace, as we progress in to more detailed configurations and lab layouts. By the end of the course you should be fluently configuring your devices whilst fully understanding their behaviour. Take some time out in the evenings and we're sure you'll finally feel fully enlightened and totally confident about sitting your exam.

How it works...

The course is ran as a series of LIVE lessons (not pre-recorded). Our instructors will
go through all the curriculum theory and also show you how the routers/switches are configured. The
delegates taking part in the session are allowed to ask questions and ask the instructor for further clarification if something is not entirely clear. There will also be a final questions and answers session at the end of each module. You will also be given home study material and all the help you need to carry out the practical elements of the course in the comfort of your own environment.

How to login...

Simply click on the relevant link in the email you receive from us, to setup your session.
You can then either use your computers Mic/speakers or alternatively call a landline number to hear and speak during your lesson.

Why Study Virtually?...

We have been teaching the Cisco CCNA course in class for many years now, and know that the 5 day course, though suitable for most, may not be for everyone. Some delegates require a less condensed and slower paced course.

Some of the benefits of the live virtual classroom course:

1) Training can be done at the comfort of your home/office/hotel.

2) All of your online sessions will later be available online, so that you can access them anytime you wish.

3) You can watch the recorded sessions over and over again until you fully understand the whole curriculum.

4) There will be time available at the start of the next module to clarify anything not fully understood from any of the previous sessions.

5) You can study your CCNA without having to take time off from work or other commitments.

What you will need...

CCNA Cisco Training

1) You will need an internet connection, the recommended Broadband speed is a 2mb service or higher.

2) You will need to download the webinar client (Full details will be provided).

3) A headset with mic or a dialled connection to a landline to hear and respond to the session.

4) To do your practical lessons, you will need a simulator, emulator or actual lab. Your lab should consist of 3 routers and 2 switches.

Just contact us to get detailed information on how to get ready...

How much is it?...

The virtual course is priced at £495 (+ VAT)

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CCNA Course Training