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A little help, along the way...

Free Study Aids

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    Pre-Course Library. The library contains plenty of material to give you a head start before you get in class. You will also receive some preview chapters from your free study guide, available to read in PDF format.

We Provide the Following on our
CCNA Courses:

FREE Course Manuals (250+ pages)

FREE Router/Switch Config Guide

FREE Lab guide (Config walkthrough)

FREE Network Simulator

FREE Exam Questions

FREE Retraining

Laptop provided for the duration of the course. Come as you are!


We have compiled a list of free programs that will help you with your studies. After you've passed, they may even help you in your job.


Router Watch

Network managers can now interrogate routers and determine their status instantly.

CCNA Cisco Training


Config Reg Calculator

Cisco Router Configuration Calculator allows you to determine what a router will do given the configuration register value or vice versa.

CCNA Course Training


IP Subnet Calculator

Wildcard Mask Checker & Decimal-to-IP Calculator. A neat little utility to check what your wildcard mask actually matches, and it also converts from Decimal to IP address format.

CCNA Cisco Course Training


Get Pass Router Password Decoder

A utility to decode Cisco-compatible router type 7 passwords.


Rip Route Generator

This utility can learn and advertise RIP routes. A great utility if you only have one router.



A free program to make logging into and managing your Routers and Switches easier. Capable of Console access, Telnet and SSH. One of the most popular terminal programs.


More free stuff coming soon!