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It's always been a pleasure to teach at IT Net Academy. It's a great feeling, when you hear another person has passed their exam. Knowing that you've helped somebody improve their life never ceases to put a smile on your face!

Tony - IT Net Academy CCNA Tutor (North UK)

CCNA Cisco Course Training

Don't just take our word for it. See what our past students have to say...

I found IT Net Academy online and signed up for the 5 Day course in Leeds. I have to say the learning experience was second to none. These guys have so much experience and knowledge of what you need to know to pass the Cisco 640-802 exam that you will be blown away.

The equipment allows you to reinforce what you have just learnt in a live environment. With a technician on hand to help you through any problems you may face. If you are a fast learner the technician will also break your network and allow you to try fault diagnose and resolve the issues.

The thing I like the most about these guys is that no one was ever left behind, the concepts were taught and re taught until everyone grasped them. Which also gives some great practice to those of us who are fast learners.

I feel confident that after a bit more study I will be ready for my CCNA exam. IT Net academy have offered to support me in any way possible as I go through my final preparations. I recommend these guys to anyone at any level wanting to learn and take their CCNA exam.


David Shales

I'm feeling REALLY confident about the whole CCNA curriculum and will probably take the exam soon. I've had to put a lot of hours studying and practising but it's very satisfying when i think where I was six weeks ago! Thank you so much for your patience and the thorough course you provided. There is NO WAY I could have picked this up without your lectures. Hope to see you soon.

Kind regards
K Mahmood

My studies are going well, thanks.
Everything that the course offered was excellent. The instructor was very good, as he explained everything in a clear manner, and in basic english. No jargon. The premises were easy to find and the equipment was sufficent for the tasks that the course offered. The additional notes are a good idea as I often use them whilst i am studing for my CCNA.

Thank you very much, it was money well spent and I have told others to do the CCNA course with
IT Net Academy.

Thank you again and I wish you all the best for the future,

I decided that I would benefit from having the CCNA qualification, so I went online and looked at all the options, then tried to pick one that would give me the best value for money. I quickly ruled out the £3000 or £4000 boot-camp options which wouldn't have worked for me, (Locked in for the duration, sleeping in dormitories with everybody else, breaking wind all night, ~ although if I am careful about what I eat, the wind isn't too much of a problem!) ~ anyway joking aside, I consider that I made the right decision by enrolling with IT Net Academy.

 I had reservations about my ability to absorb a lot of new technical information, (what with me being as old as dirt and all), but was pleasantly surprised. The material was presented in an easy to understand manner, drawing on personal experience in real world scenarios, creating analogies that added depth, interest and clarity. The lab was well fitted and comfortable and the equipment was excellent. The days were long, but at no time did my interest or concentration wander, which is attributable to your teaching technique. I came away from the course with everything I needed to pass the CCNA. I revised 4 hours a day for 4 weeks using the material you supplied and sat the exam just before Christmas, passing with a score of 97.5%.
Thanks again for your help,

C Dettman

I must say, I am fully satisfied with the course content, nearby accommodation and more importantly, the price. I paid myself because some managers don't research course content. I have recommended this Course to some of my colleagues of which some want to take it on. I haven't done a test exam yet but feel the content was good and it was a wonderful experience getting the theory for what half you know. I have a different attitude to my work, knowing what happens to data that is sent. It is a lot of info, but understanding what is being taught is what matters. Again, it was the best information I have gathered in a 30 year career in comm's.


The course last week was great thanks.  I thought it was easy to follow and well structured.  I believe I learnt a lot more about the topic as a whole on the course, than just picking up a book and extracting information from it.  The course has also given me a sense of direction on how to approach my studies.  I would certainly recommend it to others. Hope to meet you again some time.

Many Thanks,

Just to let you know that I have been offered the position of Network Engineer which I have accepted. I will be starting next month.

Many thanks to you guys,
M Whitehead

Taking the course was the best decision I made. I have learnt so much from the course which has technically put me a head of my fellow colleagues.

Thanks again,
P Thomas

Just to let you know i passed my ICND2 exam today which upgrades my CCENT to a CCNA! :0)
Just wanted to say thanks for the material, the course and all your help.

I have found the course very interesting. It has helped me fill in the holes of knowledge about networking. Good course, put into laymans terms.

Carl Stretton