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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on my personal experience, I think the way of delivering was smooth and the teaching method was perfect, especially as you were always asking us questions to gather feedback

Areej, Previous Student

CCNA Cisco Training

Can the CCNA course be covered in 5 Days?

Yes, we cover all the topics and provide hands on training using real routers and switches within the 5 Day period, allowing time throughout for students to address any questions they may have. The course is fast paced, but by starting from the start and stepping up a gear each time we progress, we'll get through the whole curriculum in a highly digestable manner.

How are your Courses so cheap, when other companies charge up to £2000

We are dedicated to providing the UK with quality, yet affordable, IT training. We've managed to reduce our overheads and in turn, we pass that saving on to you. We also believe it's good business sense to provide value for money as this helps our business to be propagated. However, don't be fooled by our prices! Our training methods are amongst the best in the UK, and our labs are the most elaborate, but more to the point, most practical in the UK. For a second opinion, take a look at our testimonials page.

I have no experience in Networking. Will these certifications increase my chances of getting a job?

There is absolutely no doubt they will. Though employers prefer a combination of both certification and experience, there is a shortage of candidates who possess both and thus certified candidates without experience are also considered for positions. Not everyone has experience and we must all start somewhere. The CCNA certification is world renowned as THE entry level networking certification. All roads start from here.

Is Cisco certification valid outside of the UK and does it hold the same value?

Yes, Cisco certifications are recognised internationally and carry just as much weight anywhere in the world. Many of our students get certified with a view to work abroad.

Does it make sense to invest in education during a recession?

In a recession, job cuts and reduced hiring is inevitable. In this scenario, certified and experienced candidates are more likely retain their jobs. With things the way they are, it makes even more sense to invest in gaining additional qualifications. There's never been a better time to future proof your career.

Do you provide a pass guarantee?

No training provider can guarantee you'll pass. Success in this discipline is subject to student commitment and application once the course material has been delivered. We do however, provide free retraining for students who are unsuccessful in their exam. Passing the Cisco CCNA exam requires dedication and commitment from the student. Given this; we believe it is possible for anyone to pass. Our personal student pass rate is above 95%.

Do you guarantee jobs?

Again, no training provider can guarantee you a serious position in the networking world. However, your chances embarking on a successful networking career are significantly increased by acquiring the Cisco certification.

Why do you use 3 routers, when most other training companies use either one or two?

You may be wondering if there really is a benefit in having a bigger Cisco hardware lab to work with, or is it just a selling ploy? There is no doubt a more extensive lab will give you better experience than a basic one. In the real world, networks are normally larger than just a few routers. The principle of routing involves routers making decisions about where to pass data. With two routers, they can only pass data to each other, so no selective decisions are being made. The use of an additional router increases the complexity of the routing, allowing students to become more experienced with a router's behaviour patterns. This is an important aspect of networking and is why we have the most extensive CCNA lab in the UK for you to practice on. We provide you with 3 routers, a frame-relay switch, two access switches and a wireless router. If you feel that's not enough and you feel up to it, we have no problem adding even more hardware to your lab!

What is the typical daily class schedule?

Classes commence at 08:30am, generally running through till 05:30pm daily. Students receive 40 minutes for lunch and several coffee breaks throughout the day. There's no pressure to finish on time and we will never rush any of our students. We finish when YOU finish.


If your question has not been answered , please use our contact us page to send your query or alternatively you can call us on 08000 30 50 85, 7 days a week, 8:00am - 8:00pm. We're training the UK throught the whole week so there'll always be someone available to answer your call.

Our email: info@itnetacademy.com